The information on this page was taken from our old site and will be updated and this page will be redesigned shortly. ( today is Feb 2024)

SUNDAY SCHOOL (Morning 10.45 am )

Our Church Sunday Service starts at 10:45 and children and families are encouraged to join in with the morning service where a general children’s talk is normally given.

During the singing of the second hymn, the children, and some of the parents who want to accompany them, go downstairs to the main schoolroom ( where the congregation and Sunday school join for refreshments at the end of the service).

The first part of Sunday School is a time of singing choruses together, which the children really enjoy.

Once we have finished singing we split into classes for the children to have a lesson based on a story from the Bible.

We use ‘Go-Teach’ teaching materials which produce very colourful and informative leaflets for the children to complete.

This is a great opportunity to teach children the wonderful truths of the Bible.

All children are welcome to come and join us.