WHY Origin – Creation.

How did things come about?
This is old detail April 2016 and will be substantially updated soon.
23 Feb 2024


You are here!
You are reading this!
You are thinking about this!
To quote a famous saying  by RenĂ© Descartes,[a French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist.]  
”  I think, therefore, I am “.
God, the great I AM brought us into existence by HIS Word.
We need to have faith in the Biblical Scriptures, the Word of God.

Taking the word of the Bible to be the inspired Word of God.  We can trust it completely.
The Bible includes many examples of miracles, found in the Old and New Testaments.
Miracles : The Bible says:
Jesus born of Virgin Mary : miracle
Jesus “turned Water into wine” : miracle
Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead : miracle
Jesus stills the storm : miracle
Jesus Feeds the 5000 : miracle
Creation of the Universe and us : miracle
Jesus healed blind man : miracle

One definition  –
an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency”.
Another definition –
 A miracle is an event not explainable by natural or scientific laws. Such an event may be attributed to a supernatural being.”.
God is that divine agency, supernatural.

CREATION is the biggest MIRACLE that has ever occurred.
Turning Water into Wine is as much a miracle as Creation:
It is only a matter of scale !!
To us – there is no comparison in the size of the miracle.
To God – God Spoke.
If we doubt about God’s Creation Miracle we must also doubt about every Miracle.
We have Faith in the Word of God.
In the beginning God CREATED . . . . . . .
God Said . Let there be . . . Let there be   . . . . Let there be . . .  and it was so.
April 2016
This will be extensively updated as so much has come to light in the last 8 years.