WHY Origin – Why bother about origins, we are here so why bother?
April 2016
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Why Origin?

Everyone, at some time or another, askes the question:
Where did we come from?   How did it all begin?
To the Christian – God did it.
To the Atheist – it just happened
This section of the website will present 3 points of view on our Origins

1. Creation – by God, formed by His Word
2. Evolution -by natural forces, formed by chance
3. Theistic Evolution -by natural forces, fomed by chance, but  also with the intervention of God.

We must question all things.
As Christians, we must look at the world from God’s perspective, not from the Atheists perspective.
What is all the fuss about?
There are TWO main views concerning our Existence and our Origin
1. Material – Natural
A view that there is only Natural matter, things composed of atoms and sub atomic particles, and possibly some other strange exotic bits.
Materialistic views are only able to look for materialistic solutions to the problem of our existence and our origin.
Evolution is the only, so far, proposal that sees the Universe and Life coming into existence through purely materialistic means.

2. God – Super Natural
A view that there is more to existence than only Natural matter,  that there is also a spiritual realm.  God is Super Natural, that is, extra to matter, outside matter, Spirit.
God is not bound by materialistic limits, is all powerful and able to accomplish outcomes that are impossible by material means.
is the scriptural description of how God brought the Universe and Life into existence.
Evolution and Creation are opposites (North to South – completely opposite). 
Unfortunately, the word Evolution can be understood in a few ways. Generally, evolution means change over time (generations). This obviously happens, look at new dog breeds and the range of flowers that have been developed by horticulturists. Man, selects traits that are already in the host, mixes them with other specific traits and then examines the results, a new breed of dog or strain of flower.
In examination of Origins, the word Evolution means the development of new, increasingly complex creatures, produced by random mistakes in the copying process of each generation. so that what we see around us today is the result of many billions upon billions of accumulated mistakes.
Evolution is a completely Atheistic approach to the problem of bringing into existence, and developing, the Universe and Life. 
Is an approach that sees God, using His will to bring into existence the Universe and Life.
God has Created all of the major forms of life and all that is necessary for each form to propagate and vary over generations, e.g. I am not a clone of my dad! Creation is a completely Theistic approach to the existence of the Universe and Life.
When looking at this section of the website we must constantly remember that Evolution is a materialistic viewpoint and that it cannot, by definition, use any unexplainable means, outside the physical realm, to describe anything we see.
When we look at this section of the website we must constantly remember that Creation is a God induced means by which all things have come into existence. God is Omnipotent (Omni-potent — All Powerful).
Unfortunately there are growing numbers of Christians who are trying to combine the origins from an evolutionary perspective with the intervention of God. It completely breaks down the honest view of Evolutionists who stick to materialistic views,  and the integrity and truth of Scripture. The name given to this concept is Theistic Evolution.

April 2016