Wednesdays (Term Time Only)

10:00 to 12:00 – Always FREE

There is NO CHARGE to attend our Parents and Toddlers group, it is completely FREE.
Parents and Guardians are able to relax as they watch their wards enjoy playing with the wide range of toys that are available for the toddlers to play with. Each term, all of the hard toys are cleaned and all of the soft toys are washed.

Toast and drinks are provided for all toddlers, parents and guardians, and when the toddlers have finished their refreshments, they enjoy a time of singing nursery rhymes and choruses, with many indicating to request their favourite songs.
There are lovely opportunities for toddlers to play with others and make friends and for parents/guardians to make new acquaintances.
Once a month the children listen to a story from the Bible and take part in craft activities.
During the Christmas period they all enjoy a toddlers nativity service and Christmas party.
During the winter, and early spring period, the council’s Commons Road carpark next to the Chapel, and immediately across the Commons Road, are FREE.  However, for the rest of the year the Council do charge for parking.
Each week parents and guardians sign in with name, toddlers name/s and contact number.