WHY Media. A sudden explosion of media since COVID! How we use Media in Westgate, etc.
Details soon.
18 Mar 2024

For many, many, years we have used media at Westgate, from recording sermons on cassette tape recorders and copying for people to hear.
We had our first website in 1997 !!
Now we seem to have media everywhere.
More detais are coming

now to test Spotify on this website


Need to test for those who do not have a Spotify account. The audio stops after about 30 seconds for me ( I don’t have an account).
Maybe, it is better if I register. I do not want to have to pay a subscription as I don’t generally listen to music.
I don’t know if interruptions with adverts happen in the middle of a song or at the end or beginning.
It will obviously play without interruption for any who subscribe.
Plenty to think about!


Seams to play the whole video and then you get adverts for other videos! They ask that you don’t use add blockers, but ask you to get Youtube Premium instead which does not have adverts.
Checking this out at the moment.