This website is different to our previous website and others in general.
Standard website design has a HOME page with big pictures etc., and a row of MENU text-links, that when clicked will get you to the page that the text describes. Once at the page you may wander onto another page and then you don’t quite know where you are. It is then, often difficult to get back to where you were.

On this website, you are presented with a screen showing ALL of the links to be found on this website.
Just like graphic icons on a mobile phone, you are presented with a picture representing as clearly as possible the content that the link will bring you to, there is also a textual description below the icon.

You have a choice from the start, if you decide to click the ‘Lovely to see you‘ icon, it will open our main page OR if you decide to go straight to Beaches, that is fine. Go which ever way you want. You will not be controlled.

Please experiment and have a good look around.

The first icon (link) is the longYellow Information bar” which you have obviously clicked because you are reading this!

The ‘Lovely to see you‘ icon, brings you to our ‘First page’ about Westgate Chapel. It is a page welcoming you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

There is a ‘Blog‘ icon where up to date information about various aspects of church life will be given.
As with any ‘Blog’ there is also an opportunity to respond with a comment or a question.

There are TWO ROWS of icons above the ‘thin yellow line‘ and they are like chapters in a thin book, each having a number of associated pages. By clicking one of these icons you will be directed to a row of icons where the first one looks the same as the one you just clicked but has a green arrow on it. This row starts “Why-” and explains why the particular row is included in this website.
You can then click on any of the associated icons.
SO, clicking icons above the thin yellow line (apart from “Blog” & “Lovely to see you“) takes you to a chapter ( a line of icons below the yellow line.

For Example Clicking on ‘Sunday‘ brings you to the ‘Why-Sunday‘ row of associated pages. As shown in the following image of the ‘Why-Sunday‘ Page.

You might be interested in Fellowship Lunch. Some icons will disappear and you will be left with the ‘Why-Sunday‘ icon and the icon about ‘Fellowship Lunch‘ and its page of information.
To get back to see all of the Sunday options again, just click the ‘Why-Sunday‘ icon.

At the top and bottom of each page you will find the wide icon of Pembroke Castle with Westgate Chapel . Click this link at any time to get back to the front page of Icons, the graphical user interface (GUI)

If you simply want to go straight to ‘Beaches‘ from the main icon page look for the icon and click it. You don’t have to go to the Holiday chapter to get to it. If you click Beaches, you are automatically placed in the holiday chapter with the Beaches icon automatically selected. If you want to see all the other holiday options then simply click the ‘Why-Holiday‘ Icon OR if you want to get back to the menu on the front page. simply click the long image of ‘Pembroke castle with Westgate Chapel‘.