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  • Easter Services

    Activities over Easter

    Easter services followed on Easter Sunday afternoon with Easter Egg hunt, Easter tea and talk.

  • Easter Celebrations

    Check out the main page “Lovely to See You” for information of services over the Easter Period. Sunday services and Easter Egg hunt.

  • Toddlers Easter

    Easter is upon us so soon!
    Teachers and children will enjoy holidays from all of the school work. However, Westgate’s Parents and Toddlers will close over the Easter break. The last one will be on Wed 20 March and we will start again on Wed 10 April.

    Please have a nice break. Westgate will be celebrating Easter with a special Good Friday morning service on Friday 29 March at 10:30 am.
    As well as our Easter Sunday morning service on 31 March we will be holding an afternoon Easter Egg Hunt starting at 2:30 and followed by an Easter Tea with a short talk.

    You are very welcome to come to any of our events.

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    EASTER song – Hallelujah by two sisters. This video is on all 6 sides of a cube.

    In the chapter on WHY-3D!

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    A new activity has been added [ Heatherton ]

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    How is this going to look ?

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