Entering some text – then trying X3DOM to add some 3D stuff.

This a bit of text – just like above!

This is now trying some X3DOM with Static Image and MP4 video.
Video & Sound work well on Desktop / Laptop but video nor sound working on Mobile Phone – Android. Need to check why. It seems that I have to click the mouse button on the computer e.g. to move the models and this activates the movieTexture . I can move the model on the phone but it does not activate the movieTexture. maybe it can’t be done!!! Perhaps there might be a ‘Got Focus’ option or maybe the path is not found.

My first X3DOM page

Hello, X3DOM!

Learn how to use images and videos as texture

Now a bouncing ball in X3DOM. Animation works immediately without any intervention.

My first X3DOM page

Animate Objects with X3DOM!

Learn how to animate objects.

Open a file from a different site. Try This OR this 3D one

Now try BBBunny Video

Try my 3d-website