Services at Westgate.

Sunday Services are very special, they are times when our fellowship meet collectively to worship God, learn of Him and enjoy each others company.
Westgate building has two main floors. The large room on the ground floor is where Sunday School and many other activities take place.
The main ‘sanctuary’, where services are generally conducted is on the first floor, accessible from the upper pavement and a stairway or lift, from the ground floor School Room.

View of sanctuary from gallery showing layout including Organ and Piano.

( This view of the main sanctuary of Westgate is taken from the gallery area which is directly above the back third of the church. )

Our Sundays consist of a Morning Service starting at 10:45am and an Evening Service starting at 5:00pm. Both services last about an hour or so.

The Holy Spirit reveals God’s word to our hearts.

Morning Service

The pastor, or visiting preacher welcomes and introduces a first hymn and the congregation can stand to sing. The words of the hymn/song of praise are usually in the printed books and on the large projection screen. The musical accompaniment is by organ or piano and the musicians usually select the hymns/songs to be sung during each service.

Preachers eye view of the sanctuary. Doors to the foyer at the end of the aisles and the passenger lift at the end of the right aisle under the gallery.

During the church notices, a general welcome and introduction to the preacher and congregation in attendance is given, also to any who may be ‘attending’ via the computer/phone link provided.
Following the announcement of any notices, an open collection is taken. This is a ‘Free Will’ offering, and any visiting the church are expressly told not to feel compelled to give.

Our morning services tend to have some families with young children in attendance, so provision is made to spend a short time addressing the children with a “children’s talk”, (which is also appreciated by the adults!). During the hymn, following the talk, the children go to the Sunday School Room to enjoy a more age focused time. click the “WHY-Sundays – (Sunday School) button to find out more.

The pastor / visiting preacher will then lead the congregation in a time of prayer before reading his chosen scriptures from the Bible and bringing to us the Word that God has directed him to.

We then have a final hymn before closing the service.
Following the service, all in attendance are invited to stay and enjoy some light refreshments in the school room on the ground floor.

Evening Service

Our evening service starts at 5:00pm, lasting about an hour.
The structure is similar to the morning service apart from there being no children’s address.
The evening is finished again with some light refreshments.


All services are, at present, recorded with video and audio. Copies are placed on our YouTube channel.

click the “WHY-Media – (Recordings)
button to find out more