Knitting & Crochet: More details of both events soon.
14 Mar 2024


During the COVID lockdown and all of the associated restrictions Westgate started using Video Conferencing Software called Zoom. This allowed individuals to communicate both audibly and visually from the safety of their homes. There was an interest in being part of a group of people who could enjoy seeing and talking with each other and at the same time, do something constructive. So, Crocheting on Zoom was born!
Instructions and guidance was given ‘on-line’. One of the group videoed some of the basics of practical crocheting and made it available on the YouTube channel so that those who joined later could catch up with the basics.

This group continues to meet, even though COVID restrictions are now largely lifted.
Wednesdays at 8:00pm sees a group of ladies enjoying Crocheting projects and chatting from the comforts of their own homes, without having to go out on cold dark evenings.


Thursday afternoons see a knitting group meeting in Westgate Chapel, where small items are made to join into larger items to provide a source of warmth and covering for those who are without some of the basic means to keep warm. These items are given to missions, charities and other areas.