WHY Mon-Sat?

After setting Sundays aside to meet together as a Christian fellowship to worship and praise God, we have a desire to enjoy God and to be in the presence of Christians. We also have a desire to share with and encourage others to seek God’s love.

There is a range of events that are organised to help and encourage those who attend Westgate on Sundays and to help and encourage others that do not come to Sunday services at Westgate.

On the ground floor of Westgate Chapel we have a large room which is used to congregate in after Sunday services and for Sunday School classes. It is also the area where larger meetings / events take place, like Fellowship Lunches. Another room is used to hold smaller meetings.

An important aspect of a Christian’s life is prayer and the reading and studying of the Bible. Each Tuesday evening we hold a Bible Study / Prayer meeting. On Friday mornings we have a prayer meeting on its own. Both provide quiet contemplative times to come to God.

Some times the Tuesday evening Bible Study will be replaced with a speaker from one of the mission societies that we support (see mission).

To encourage the children within the fellowship and any others from the community who may be interested in attending, we hold a club for Junior school aged children on a Friday evening, where they enjoy games, activities and bible stories.

A free Toddlers and Parents event for children 3 years of age and under, is held on a Wednesday morning. At present we have 3 or 4 from within the fellowship attending but the vast majority come from the surrounding areas.

Some ladies within the fellowship hold craft evenings of knitting and crocheting.

Any other events that are planned will also be held during this period.