WHY Holidays, will give general info about ‘Holidays’ and the overall area of Pembrokeshire.

Many holiday visitors to our Church enjoy meeting fellow Christian believers and worshipping together. However, holiday visitors are here on holiday and are trying to relax and enjoy times away from routine daily pressures. To spend the short amount of time available driving aimlessly down lanes or seeing only one or two areas of interest does not normally make for a good holiday.

Pembrokeshire is a beautiful natural coastal area where we can see and enjoy God’s wonderful creation. However, individuals are individual, and we all have different interests and restrictions.

There are many areas of interest and facilities in Pembrokeshire, Beaches, Coastline, Coastal path, History and Fun activities. There are also many places to get refreshments. Some of the attractions are difficult or impossible for some to navigate.

The information provided in this section on holidays is limited but hopefully it will enable you to make the best choices as you plan your holiday and make the most of your valuable break away from work.