We just Celebrated Easter.
The whole of Christianity is founded on the Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We celebrate this time in the Christian calendar once each year. So, let us meditate upon this for a little longer.


This is a 3D box with a video on all 6 surfaces. drag it to see different aspects.
A really special song with special words. Just CLICK on the box, hold finger or mouse on cube and drag to rotate.

The Easter egg hunt was a real blessing, with children and parents enjoying the lovely afternoon before also enjoying an Easter Tea followed by a short descriptive talk covering the basic reason for Easter.


Morning Service 10:45am – Rev. Pieter Meiring
Easter Egg Hunt – 2:30pm
Easter Tea and talk – 3:30pm

Morning Service 10:00am – Rev. Allan Penduck


Every two months we produce a church news letter which contains a diary of activities, a list of visiting preachers and various items of interest to all in the fellowship. A printed version of which is available in Westgate. Here is the front page of our current newsletter.

Westgate Chapel
Wayside Pulpit

One of our current posters on our wayside pulpit notice board. The message of these posters can often speak to an individuals heart as they pass by. They are also often talking points for groups of people. It is amazing to see how many individuals stop to take photographs of the posters. One group on holiday was seen gathered around one of the posters taking a group selfie with the poster in the middle!
The posters were purchased
We have purchased these posters from
CPO. https://www.cpo.org.uk

Each two months we display an updated list of preachers at Westgate. We normally have two services each Sunday and a Sunday school at the same time as the morning service.

Westgate Chapel
Wayside Pulpit

Our recent outreach for Christmas 2023
CHRISTMAS CAROLS main street – Christmas Eve 2023

At the close of 2024, Christmas Day was ushered in with joyous Carol singing in Pembroke main street at the town Christmas tree. Plenty of lights around the projector screen made a focus for showing the words of carols to sing to and some other videos played.

This was the third year that the fellowship from Westgate organised and delivered this truly community event. Carols were interspersed with scripture readings and towards the end, a Christmas Gospel message to point the way to the true meaning and purpose of Christmas celebrations, was given.

It is really encouraging to see the people of Pembroke coming out on a cold damp night to sing about Christmas together and to celebrate to the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The hour of singing was rounded off with refreshments of mince pies and Hot Mulled Fruit Juice.

Keep Christmas Eve free for next year (2024) starting from 4:30pm ~ 5:30pm to enjoy this focus for next Christmas.