As in every aspect of life, we need to know where we are going, so this website starts with the menu like the icons on a mobile phone.

The menu items give you complete freedom to access any page, in any order you like, with one click. Please experiment and have a good look.

Apart from the “INTRO” and “WELCOME TO WESTGATE” iconsOn clicking a button in one of the TOP 2 rows “above the yellow line”, you are brought to a complete row of options e.g. clicking “Sunday”, in the TOP row, brings you to a page called “Why Sunday” and the other associated buttons”
. Use this method to get to an area of interest (then find the specific one you are interested in).

If you want to get to a specific page you can simple look for it below the yellow line and click it, you are then brought directly to the page you want, within an area of interest.
So, just ONE click, to get to the area you want!

If you want to continue in the section, click the icon with the Green Arrow on it. All the options for that section will then be displayed.